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Suggestion for custom work
« on: January 02, 2013, 02:48:06 PM »
DBL's  wonderful website convinced me I needed a radiant yellow (it was the video feature that did the trick) and I traveled from Virginia to visit David in person.  He generously met with me for over an hour, and I learned a lot.  But he didn't have a stone that was right for me, and he convinced me that he would not be interested in mounting a stone I might buy elsewhere, so I reluctantly left.  Eight months later I paid a local jeweler $300 per stone to have three selections (located on the internet) flown in from Israel, Hong Kong and Los Angeles.  One of them (5.65ct VVS1 fancy yellow) gave me goose-bumps and was purchased.  My jeweler assured me that he could make anything DBL could make and do it just as well, so I paid him $7500 for the platinum ring I wanted.  Unfortunately, his confidence was... unwarranted.  The ring on one side of the stone was a millimeter wider than it was on the other side, and I gather his goldsmith didn't have much experience finishing platinum, as the polished surface was disturbingly irregular.  I filed away much of the excess platinum from the larger side and was able to improve the finish in some areas, and I'm not a professional.  While I am pleased to have the exact diamond I looked three years for, I also know that if David had done the ring, I would be that much MORE pleased with the finished product.  I urge DBL to reconsider its policy of not making rings with diamonds purchased elsewhere (surely an additional fee to cover necessary insurance could be tacked on?)
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Re: Suggestion for custom work
« Reply #1 on: January 02, 2013, 03:46:38 PM »
HI George,
Thanks for posting!
Although there are liability issues- that's only a small part of why we make the rules as we do.
Reasons why we don't make our exclusive rings for diamonds purchased elsewhere:
1) There is a continued liability for the ring- people wear the rings- and they do get damaged over time in many cases. Our lifetime warantee is a big part of the service we offer- but to be able to offer this increased service we have to sell both diamond and ring, or raise our rings prices exponentially.
2) there's virtually no diamond which is accessible to any jeweler in the world that we can't get out hands on. If given the chance we could have sourced the diamond for you. We would not have charged $300 per stone to get them and assess them for you- and send photos and videos.

Basically we offer a full service- and we've built the company around this principle. Unfortunately you've learned what many others have- it's easy to promise results, but actually producing rings to the level we do is simply not something that can be done by more than a handful of shops, worldwide.

If there's micro pave on the ring, and it's been filed or polished incorrectly, the long term damage may not be seen immediately- but can lead to repeated stone loss... eventually meaning a brand new ring will need to be made.

More than anything I am sorry I did not communicate this to you when you came in George.....
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Re: Suggestion for custom work
« Reply #2 on: January 02, 2013, 04:17:33 PM »
George, how disappointed you must be! To set such a stone in a less-than-perfect mounting is cringe-worthy, for sure. Reading your story makes me especially sad because I know that with a little time David can always find a "perfect" diamond, especially something like a radiant yellow even a large radiant yellow. And, most likely, you do not need to wait as long as 8 months to see one or more viable stone(s) secured by David.  Such a shame for EVERYONE that, apparently, all your options were not understood when you met with David. If it is out there, he can find it.

Regardless, once it was done, if you were not happy with the custom setting your jeweler made, certainly, you communicated this to your jeweler!  I fear that since you took matters into your own hands, literally (tinkering with the setting, you were lucky to avoid total disaster), you now have no recourse with your jeweler at all.

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Re: Suggestion for custom work
« Reply #3 on: January 04, 2013, 12:36:56 AM »
I don't understand why you didn't give David the chance to locate the stone that you would have loved especially knowing his policies and that you had a DBL-type setting in mind.

I'm sorry you spent $7500 on a ring that was unacceptable. I really hope your jeweler will be able to make it right.