Author Topic: have questions want an Old Mine or cushion  (Read 2133 times)

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have questions want an Old Mine or cushion
« on: December 16, 2011, 03:25:35 PM »
Hi, Im new here & have my setting picked out & it will be made by sun jewelry at this point, it's going to be a reproduction of an antique setting.

Now the issue is finding the rock.

I *want* something in the 1.25 carat range, but don't want it to be dull/lifeless, & I am *really* interested in the recut cusions/old mine types I've seen on DBL.

I am curious about the *re-cutting* process--if a diamond is *re-cut* AFTER the GIA report date--doesn't this negate the report?

Do the diamonds on DBL have current GIA reports after the recut?

Would someone here explain the process? Thanks!

I guess this is where I'm gonna start, have a ton more questions to come!

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Re: have questions want an Old Mine or cushion
« Reply #1 on: December 16, 2011, 03:35:58 PM »
If a diamond is to be re-cut or repaired, normally it doesn't have a report. In any case, David will have it re-graded after the cut. As you point out, it doesn't make sense to do it before.

However, many of the "old mine cuts" on sale through DBL are new stones cut from rough using old proportions, not old stones re-cut. And as normal for most diamonds, they are only seen by GIA once they have been cut and not in the rough.

Hope this helps.
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