Author Topic: Just a stone's throw away..  (Read 6618 times)

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Just a stone's throw away..
« on: July 29, 2011, 11:27:42 PM »
It's easy to say you've had a great buying experience when everything goes smoothly not just during your purchase, but *with* your purchase.  But what if something goes wrong??

You know how cars can "throw a rod"?  (At least, I think that's the saying..I am the most mechanically-declined person I know!) Well, my beloved ER "The Brown", a gorgeous Daussi cushion in a micro pave halo setting, threw a stone the other day, just three weeks after it was first placed on my finger.  It's amazing how such a tiny melee stone can leave such a huge, gaping hole- in a ring and in your heart, especially if you're still at the "Hi, complete stranger, check out MAH BLING" stage.

So, poor Rob at DBL (who I always introduce myself to as "Deb the crazy Colorado lady from Jersey) soothed my frazzled nerves, assured me that it didn't sound like anything I'd done (I am very gentle with my rings in general, and I knew that micro pave required extra care), and told me he'd be emailing me a UPS label right away. He even called me back the moment he hit "send" on the e-mail.

Yep, "Brownie" got a free, super-speedy round-trip ticket to NYC, where at this very moment she's getting a makeover. Rob called me to let me know she'd arrived safely, and has assured me he'll call once she's on her way home to me. 

I looked at literally thousands of rings and settings and visited lots of brick-and-mortar stores and e-tailers before running into and deciding on DBL.  The runner-up jeweler that had excellent customer service and the style I liked the best before finding R3623 was a store about 11 miles from my house.  They wanted many more thousands of dollars for their ring, but I did consider them because I knew that a micro pave setting was bound to have a loose or lost stone at some point, and I wanted to be able to not just have a guarantee on my ring, but to have it spend as little time off my finger as possible.  That's not something I thought I could find with your average e-tailer.

Except, DBL is anything but average.  It actually took me so much less time to drive to the UPS store to send Brownie on her way than it would have taken to drive to the other jeweler's, and they would have taken at least as much time to fix my ring as DBL's factory.  And I get to wait comfortably at home for her to arrive in her big brown limo, instead of dragging two hyper children BACK into the car.  *And* I get to rip open the box, this time  >:D

So thank you, Rob, David, and all of DBL.  You have my business for life.  Oh, and I'm going to need some extra business cards to hand out to everyone who grabs my hand and coos over my ring.  As soon as I get her back ;)


Deb (the crazy Colorado lady from Jersey)

P.S. If you think Brownie would be more comfortable in the box with a bagel to snuggle up against, I like sesame.

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Re: Just a stone's throw away..
« Reply #1 on: July 30, 2011, 01:31:02 AM »
Yay!!!!!  Brownie needs a bagel to travel back in....that would be super snuggly!  I am sure she will be good as new. 

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Re: Just a stone's throw away..
« Reply #2 on: July 30, 2011, 09:13:56 AM »
OOOOh, poor baby! She'll be well taken care of.  I jammed my FLY marquise halo and three diamonds popped out.  Luckily, an eagle-eyed co-worker found the stones.  Everyone went back to NY for a reunion (a remake, I think), and came back together. 

Yours will be fine and I'm sure when you get her back, it'll be new all over again.