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DBL diary ?
« on: July 09, 2010, 06:07:17 PM »
I meant to write this post months ago but then I forgot all about it. Quite a while ago David mentioned he was considering buying some DBL merchandise in the form of diaries or somesuch. Are you still considering this David ?
In January I received a diary from a local jeweller and it`s a pretty nifty thing to have. It`s pocket sized, about 6 inches long by 3 inches wide with a solid cover. Inside it has lots of jewellery related information. There`s a section on diamonds which tells you about how diamonds are mined, the size of the World`s biggest diamonds and tells you a bit about each of them, different diamond cuts and other uses for diamonds such as industrial. Then there`s a page showing a chart of what different carat weights look like starting at .25cwt upwards and explaining the 4C`s.
The next page shows diamond colours, then a page about clarity and cut. There`s a couple of pages about various gemstones, itemising them and explaining their colours and where they`re found, their hardness and any historical facts about them.
Also a section on jewellery care, one on Hallmarks, gift suggestions for different occasions, birthstones and then 4 pages of " did you know " facts about diamonds, gold and precious stones ( which is really interesting ) and ending with a periodic table which shows the dates for georgian jewellery right up to retro modern. Then a short section about the jeweller himself ( such as he`s Scottish and has done the Cresta run in a bobsleigh ! ) and his business, how it came about and what experience he has.
Anyway I haven`t used the diary so if you`d like to see it in the flesh then I`ll happily post it to you and then you can see how such a thing looks and feels. I think it would be great to have a DBL diary for 2011 and it arrived in an ordinary envelope and cost very little postage for them to send it to me, so cost would be minimal for you to mail them out. Just let me know.
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