Author Topic: Members input requested! Should DBL accept Credit cards online VS Paypal?  (Read 4922 times)

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I can only speak for myself, but someone did ask about the difference in fees.

I use paypal for myself personally and I also will accept payments from my business customers if they want to via Paypal.  But I also have a regular merchant account processor for my online shopping cart.

This may surprise some, but the Paypal fees are a lot cheaper for me as the merchant, than my business c/card processing company charges.  Not to mention, just plain easier. There is a TON of legalese in having a merchant account along with yearly fees and additional fees if you fall below your minimum amount of sales, secure gateway fees, card reader machine fees, transfer fees, yadda, yadda. Trust me that Paypal is quick and easy in comparison.

But if DBL already has all that merchant account stuff set up, then I still say that going directly to him (and not through Paypal) is the best way to go.

And just for the sake of argument.. why not offer both? Like I do. My customers can pay me direct with a c/card or they can pay via Paypal. I'll accept thier money either way. LOL
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