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Mismatched earrings? Tell us more, greeneyedbass!
3-3.5mm rounds for mismatched earrings. We were talking about that the other day, David. This must be the parcel that you mentioned.
Thank you OMC!
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More details: 302 diamonds, total weight of 38.52cts

I've already pulled out about 15 stones for GIA, including the "Leopard Diamond"
I like that idea! Three to 5 stones, depending on size and shape, put together in bezel settings.
hmmm...maybe cluster rings?
Or bezel set stackers.....maybe combine bezel set stones, in different shapes and colors.
Kind of like R7745- excpet less symetrical
Charms bracelets? CDBTY necklaces?
Howdy Y'all!

Check this one one- over 30 carats
<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

I absolutely love the way these stones look- and there's so many....but there's so many!!
We need to find a way to use them all....hate to have them go stale if we put them up int eh secret vault....
New Diamonds, New Jewelry / Re: Your name, in diamonds!
« Last post by Diamondsbylauren on May 17, 2017, 08:35:38 PM »
Sorry for the slow reply
Yes- we've still got the diamond letters!
New Diamonds, New Jewelry / Re: Your name, in diamonds!
« Last post by CollinG on May 13, 2017, 05:19:53 AM »
Great idea. Are you still making these?
How many is a good question... to which I think no-one has the answer, other than "a finite amount". Bear in mind that until 1700 diamonds were only known to come from India, then Brazil was added and for nearly 200 years that was it. Then came South Africa, Russia and several other places. It looks like current mines in Australia are getting exhausted - including one of the main sources of pinks (Argyle mine), and we know much of the Earth's surface well enough to make major discoveries relatively unlikely.

This said, there are still areas that are relatively poorly known from a geological point of view - poorly enough that more mines could be found e.g. under ice caps in Greenland and Antarctica, in Siberia or in central Africa.

Re: yellow: it's very common not least because most yellow diamonds are so coloured by the presence of nitrogen, which also helps the growth of the diamond crystal. In other words, it's easier for a large(r) diamond crystal to be (somewhat) yellow than to be perfectly colourless, which makes things like the Cullinan even more unique.

"New colours" is an interesting question: human vision sees whatever colours it sees and it's unlikely to change (except for currently rather extreme scenarios involving bionics), and while one can argue that there are infinite hues even within the Red-Violet spectrum, the human eye/brain ability for discrimination is finite...

I don't see (!) how totally new colours could be found, because the spectrum is already covered: we know of violet, indigo, blue, green, orange, yellow and red diamonds today, but there is a chance that new "never-seen-so-far" hues exist, and there are very good chances that no single human being has ever seen all those that exist: Stephen Hofer's rather monumental (750 pages) reference book about coloured diamonds ("Collecting and Classifying Colored Diamonds") has - as far as I can remember - nothing looking like these two, which were (are) however available to buy through DBL:

Diamonds under the sea floor are unlikely (at least unless we figure out ways of mining directly from the mantle): I think the oldest sea floor is about 200 million years, while most mined diamonds are significantly older than that. On the other hand, diamonds in outer space do exist: they are found (very small ones, so far at least) in meteorites called carbonaceous chondrites, and it is possible that some star nuclei are made almost exclusively of carbon, so once the star has finished its "active life" and blown off its outer layers in a supernova explosion what is left behind is effectively a giant diamond (or maybe a huge Lonsdaleite crystal? I don't think anyone has studied what happens to the crystallography of carbon under such extreme pressure/temperature) Ref:
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