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How could I have missed this!!

I think we can do a cheerio that is hollowed out on the back so it won;t be that heavy....
I'll have to re-alert the boss to this!!
She knows how to pick the best earring stones from the parcels.....
Forum Chit Chat / Re: Happy Birthday David!
« Last post by Diamondsbylauren on June 09, 2017, 05:40:00 PM »
Thank you GEB!!!!
Forum Chit Chat / Happy Birthday David!
« Last post by greeneyedbass on June 06, 2017, 03:45:52 AM »
Happy Birthday David! Have a great day, full of love, happiness, and adventure!
I was wondering about the weight as well. Probably the piece would be hollow to keep the weight and cost down.

I would love to see the project that was 3 years in the making! So much fun and you always have the greatest ideas.
I like the idea! I may be completely wrong, but I don't see any problems whatsoever in making them. The only thing that would concern me a little is the potential weight of a cheerio-sized piece of gold...

This reminds me, I have to get a few pictures of something that never made it on the DBL site, and that curiously enough shares a concept with your idea... and has had probably the longest gestation of any DBL piece (well over 3 years)
Hi OMC! What I was trying to describe to David was not anything I've ever seen before so I could not show him a picture. My vision is 2 diamonds, matching in shape and size but mismatched in color. The earring would be about the same size and silhouette as a Cheerio, about 9-10mm in diameter, and the stone would be set in the "hole". Simple shepherd's hook drop, but instead of no closure, I was seeing (in my head) an omega closure running east/west. I could live with a leverback style if that wasn't possible. Everything in white gold to make the color of the stones really pop.

I know that David likes quirky, he embraces the quirk, but I'm not sure that this is an idea that would easily translate to a finished product.
Mismatched earrings? Tell us more, greeneyedbass!
3-3.5mm rounds for mismatched earrings. We were talking about that the other day, David. This must be the parcel that you mentioned.
Thank you OMC!
<a href="" target="_blank"></a>
More details: 302 diamonds, total weight of 38.52cts

I've already pulled out about 15 stones for GIA, including the "Leopard Diamond"
I like that idea! Three to 5 stones, depending on size and shape, put together in bezel settings.
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