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Colored Diamonds / All the colors in the Rainbow...but how many of them!
« Last post by Dresden on April 29, 2017, 09:19:37 PM »
okay, soooo, thought to post this in the fancy color Diamond section because its about fancy color diamond of course  ;D

as i slowly get the the point of this post...

so we seem to know that fancy colors are rarer than other diamonds, i would say from my opinion the rarity of colour would go in this order, though i could be wrong, rarest is pure violet, next maybe it would be pure red, then maybe pure purple and so on and so forth

yellow seems to not be all that rare but who does not like a sunny Diamond!

it all has got me wondering how many more fancy color diamonds are out there left to be mined? will we run out soon, will we discover new mines with new deposits - some how i don't think we will discover new colors  ;D

i also got wondering are there diamonds under the sea, as in under the sea floor somewhere or even out of space! obviously i am not scientific or an expert at any of these subjects  ;D

Thanks OMC - brilliant post and wonderful to hear your thoughts!
Um, I don't know, Dresden - synthetic diamonds have been made repeatably since the 1950s, and are commercially available to the public since at least the late 1990s (maybe even earlier). Differently to what happened to pearls and corundum (but curiously not spinel or alexandrite), the availability of synthetics seems to have left prices of natural diamonds pretty much unaffected, at least so far. They have gone up, come down, gone up again, but all in blissful ignorance of the synthetic market.

On the "greenness" of synthetics, I am also relatively doubtful - it does take a huge amount of energy to synthesise a diamond, though it is perhaps a valid argument for coloured diamonds (especially blues, that can be grown with pretty much the same energy expenditure as colourless, but are much rarer naturally, requiring significantly more excavation work to find). This said, I have never seen an "energy balance" for either natural or synthetics, and it is very possible that synthetics hold the energetic upper hand, especially with the newer production methods (CVD) and considering exhaustion of natural sources.

Finally, AFAIK only colourless, yellow and blue can be synthesised "fully naturally". All the other colours require post-synthesis treatment like irradiation or HPHT. Size is also a problem, though there seem to be claim after claim of large (20+ ct) products, commercially available samples are rarely over 1.50 ct once cut. Perhaps the energy equations tilts the other way for very long production times?

The really interesting part about synthetic diamonds, for me, is the ability to produce monocrystalline sheets that can be used as a replacement for silicon or other materials (Ge, GaAs) as semiconductors in electronics. Unfortunately, I think we are still a couple of decades away from that...
so now we are in the year 2017, technology in all areas is advancing and its hard to say how much more advanced it can go BUT now that the world has come to a point where human-kind can create DIAMONDS that are chemically, physically and optically the same as ones that earth took 150-odd million years to would say we have advanced very far, maybe too far???

okay, so that human-kind has now toyed with an ancient rock that has captivated the world since forever by its dazzling array of fire and sparkle, which no other mineral on the planet compares too, how do we feel about this?

some people will think its amazing that human kind has been able to compact 150 million-odd years into a few weeks, how long it takes to grow these Diamonds made of carbon, others will be horrified that its seems almost sinful to create something that took so long to create within earth and yet oh we can make that in a few weeks if thats what you want :)

from my point of view i think it is quite exciting that human-kind can grow a real Diamond over a few days or week but at the same time i am horrified that it seems to make real Diamonds seem like they were inefficient and a waste of time  ;D

sooooo, what this probably means is that the real earth-mined Diamonds will hold an ever more special place in a thoughts as they are something so old and not created in a lab by man or woman in a few days or weeks or will this mean that we no longer value the real earth-mined one and think more of the Lab created...

the whole selling point of the lab one's seems mainly to that earth was not harmed during the mining of a green alternative...or a cheaper alternative.

we now have a choice...the Diamond that man or woman created for us in a few days or weeks or a Diamond that was created by chance and took many, many millions of years to form deep within the earth...we are spoilt for choice  ;D ;D
Forum Chit Chat / Re: Do you have a dream tiara?
« Last post by malt80 on November 28, 2016, 05:49:13 AM »
once again thank you!!!
there are diamonds but small, and at the back is with gold..
thank you so much for your time!!!!
Forum Chit Chat / Re: Do you have a dream tiara?
« Last post by oldmancoyote on November 28, 2016, 05:28:53 AM »
Ah... OK. Thank you for posting a much better quality second image. To my embarrassment I have to change my tune completely: I think it's a late 19th century "bright cut" tiara. No stones - only sharp polished metal surfaces that in the first photo looked like gem facets. This makes life easier in one sense: no need to worry about stone species, quality and size. On the other hand, the material value is definitely negligible (at best it's silver, and silver is currently trading for about $0.55/gram of pure silver), and the fashion for this kind of thing is long gone... so I don't think it's worth much, unfortunately.
Forum Chit Chat / Re: Do you have a dream tiara?
« Last post by malt80 on November 27, 2016, 08:28:53 PM »
Forum Chit Chat / Re: Do you have a dream tiara?
« Last post by malt80 on November 27, 2016, 08:24:51 PM »
thank you so much for the reply!!
the original form of the tiara is this
Forum Chit Chat / Re: Do you have a dream tiara?
« Last post by oldmancoyote on November 27, 2016, 12:12:15 PM »
From the single, low-res photo it looks modern (1970s ->). If you have more images, especially of the back, we may be able to say something more.

In terms of estimate (for which I assume you mean value"), it's impossible to even guess without having the item in hand - the metal could be silver or could be platinum. The stones could be diamonds or could be CZ (or could be quartz). They could be good colour, cut and quality or they could be mediocre in all three respects - from the photo it's impossible to establish even a rough size...
Forum Chit Chat / Re: Do you have a dream tiara?
« Last post by malt80 on November 27, 2016, 10:00:11 AM »
does anyone know something about this tiara????
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