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Forum Rules

Even a diamond forum needs rules.

Meet Sally, leader of the Pit of Cobras. She's
got 8 little ones so by default is the
meanest of the bunch.
Forum Rules & Links

We’re thrilled to have you at coloreddiamond.info. We welcome consumers who have questions, have a passion for fancy colored diamonds or colorless diamonds or even harbor an obsession for beautiful diamonds with no plans to enter a 12-step program. Please see our Privacy Policy (it's very short). Trade members need to contact us if you wish to join and your membership is up to our discretion. Trade members posing as consumers will be banned and tossed in to a raging pit of live cobras. Don't make me post a photo of the last trade member who met this fate.

1. Members Posts

You are responsible for the posts under your screen name. Only one membership per person is allowed and if you try to get by with multiple personalities, I’ll know about it. No member may post any link or reference to any other jewelry information website.

All information posted on this forum is the property of Rock Diamond Inc. Any information, posts, photos on this forum cannot be copied and pasted elsewhere without the express written permission of the forum owner and the posting member. Private messages are just as they say PRIVATE. No posting the contents of private messages any where at any time either in context or as a quote. No one can look at your private messages including admin and the only exception would be a subpoena from a judge. That goes for e-mails generated from this forum as well.

2. We embrace tolerance

Don’t promote violence, illegal activities or discrimination based on age, disability, nationality, race, religion, sex or sexual orientation. Don’t post obscene photos of any kind or post libelous disparaging or defamatory material. Do not post materials that infringe upon copyright, trademark or other intellectual property rights. We do not pass out from cuss words but don’t get carried away. A sense of humor is always appreciated and members who go "over the line" will prompt us to have to make more rules which we'd rather not have to do.

3. Advertising

Members are not permitted to post advertising messages because that is our job. Exceptions are the signature under a trade person's name that we have allowed because they either survived the pit of live cobras or were granted forum sponsorship.

4. Testimonials

You may post testimonials regarding your experience with Diamonds by Lauren. Trade members posting testimonials about themselves under another signature or using that signature to bash us will be hunted down by a pack of wild wolf hounds and tossed into the aforementioned pit of live cobras.

5. Member Signatures

Regular members may have a signature, free. If it’s in a large font, or all caps, we ’ll remove it. You can have some fun with it but no oversizing of signatures or links to outside information forums because we are territorial and don't mind admitting it.

6. Trade Members

Trade members must identify themselves as such. No links are permitted without prior approval.

Contact us if you are interested in membership or forum sponsorship.

7. Your Profile

Please understand that this is a public forum, accessible worldwide. Keep this in mind as we are not responsible for any possible consequences of posting personal information.


No spamming. This means no sending PMs to members advertising yourself or posting photos or links to businesses not approved by this site.

9. Members & trade post removal

Each member is individually responsible for any content posted under his/her screen name on coloreddiamond.info. We'd rather not ask you to edit, edit ourselves or move a member’s post but the forum owners reserve the right to edit, move or delete any message or delete any member for any reason at our sole discretion with or without notice.

10. Photographs & Avatars

All photographs in this forum are either copyrighted by Rock Diamond, Inc., or are the property of the owner posting them. You must obtain permission from the owner of the photo prior to posting it and you may not use any owner photo for the purpose of selling your own goods. You may add an avatar of your choosing and you may use one of our diamond photos if you wish. Avatars need to be 65 x 65px but at avatar that promotes another diamond sellers or dealer will be removed at our discretion.

11. Link back to us

We would appreciate it if you would link back to us from your website.

All type links:

Here's the code:

For Diamonds &amp; Diamond Jewelry <br>
Information, visit <a href="http://coloreddiamond.info">coloreddiamond.info</a>.
  Here's what it looks like:
For Diamonds & Diamond Jewelry
Information, visit coloreddiamond.info.
Banner Links:
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  Diamond Information Forum Diamond Information Forum
  Here's the code: Here's the code:
  <a href="http://coloreddiamond.info/"><img src="http://coloreddiamond.info/images/LinkBanner1.jpg" alt="Diamond Information Forum" border="0"></a> <a href="http://coloreddiamond.info/"><img src="http://coloreddiamond.info/images/LinkBanner2.jpg" alt="Diamond Information Forum" border="0"></a>

If you don't see what you like, a banner or text link can be created for you.

12. Rules subject to change

As this site grows, we might have to add rules. Not our favorite pasttime, but they are subject to change without notice.